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PeopleSim® Simulations Train People for Important Conversations.

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Develop Skills Before Starting That Important Conversation


Can Practice Until Skills are Mastered
Receive Feedback from a Coach
Affect Virtual Characters’ Emotions & Behavior

Virtual Characters

Have Different Personalities
Have Evolving Emotions
Behave Unpredictably

You only get one chance at high-stakes conversations.

It takes experience and training to master communication skills. Our unique technology provides realistic practice for effective skill building.

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

From the boardroom to the battlefield and everywhere in between, practice the conversations that are important to you.

Difficult conversations come up everywhere. Realistic training prepares trainees for these important moments. Our conversations use video of live actors and authentic dialog to provide true-to-life experiences. We can track users’ performance.

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Proven Through Research

Multiple research projects at leading universities have shown that PeopleSim products are highly effective training tools.

Mean Change From Baseline to Follow-Up (n=96)

Source: Virtual Interview Training Increases Job Offers for Veterans and Others

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Established Reputation of Effective Communication Solutions

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You are the expert on your training needs

Research shows that bringing expert knowledge to life with our technology creates effective skill building. Whether you choose a custom solution or one of our proven products, you’ll get an unparalleled training experience.

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