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Gender Affirmative Care: Critical Needs with Eden image

Gender Affirmative Care: Critical Needs with Eden


Eden Bray, a transgender woman, is looking for support as she navigates three high-risk situations: interpersonal violence, a new HIV diagnosis, and thoughts of suicide. During each situation, learners will build rapport with Eden while identifying her unique needs and exploring resources appropriate for her as a transwoman experiencing a crisis.

It's essential for mental health providers to acknowledge and respond to the distinct needs of individuals within diverse populations. Transgender and nonbinary individuals often face a disproportionate risk in high-stress situations which are exacerbated by systems built for cisgender individuals. When seeking help, a significant number of transgender and nonbinary individuals share unfavorable experiences due to a lack of knowledge among providers.

To tackle these concerns, we designed this training with a diverse development team (i.e., Key Personnel, Expert Panels, Actors, Script Engineers, Focus Groups, and Community Partners), ensuring representation from individuals with diverse minorities identities, including transgender and nonbinary individuals and people of color. Our training is designed to empower providers, enhance their skills, and boost confidence in delivering gender-affirming culturally competent care. This ultimately fosters safe and trusting environments, enabling gender minorities to receive the care they need in critical care situations.


Social Work & Students


5 - 8

Average Time
per Session

30 - 45

*per scenario

Teaching Objectives:

  • Understanding a Client’s Individual Needs
  • Creating a Safe and Trusting Environment
  • Supporting a Client's Autonomy

Included in Training:

  • A Training Guide with information on gender affirming care and working with clients in a respectful manner that positions them to achieve their best outcomes.
  • Three Simulated Conversations with a varied character to prepare learners for clients facing high-risk situations such as HIV, suicide, and domestic violence. Each character provides differences in fears related to cis-normative resources, needs, and personal backgrounds.
  • Comprehensive Feedback during and after each play to help guide skill development.

This training was developed in collaboration with Towson University and with funding from The National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) (Grant Number: #R44MD014112).

This training can be purchased as a part of the Gender Affirmative Therapy Training Suite. Please Contact Us for more information on pricing.