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Coaching for Improved Performance with Brooke Lerner


Brooke Lerner, an employee at WonderWorks, is struggling with her job duties. She has missed many deadlines and inappropriately interferes with meetings. As Brooke’s immediate supervisor, speak with her about ways to improve her workplace performance and become a more productive team member.

As manager or supervisor, it is often an uncomfortable process talking with an employee about their under-performance, while maintaining a positive work relationship. Knowing how to offer support and set expectations can be difficult, but training can make all the difference. Properly communicating with employees can strengthen connections, increase productivity, and promote a healthy workspace for everyone.




6 - 8

Average Time
per Session

15 - 30

Teaching Objectives:

  • Creating a Collaborative Environment using the 5 Keys to Successful Communication
  • Applying the 7 Steps to Effective Performance Coaching to Guide Employees

Included in Training:

  • A Training Guide with information on best practices for effective communication and employee performance coaching.
  • A Simulated Conversation with a varied character to prepare learners for coaching different performance issues and personality types.
  • Comprehensive Feedback during and after each play to help guide skill development.