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Comprehensive Systems Using Virtual Human Role-Players

SIMmersion's comprehensive training systems combine adult learning theory with PeopleSim® technology to build skills, clarify concepts, and increase retention.

Our comprehensive training solutions encompass several key components including:

1. Knowledge Acquisition

Players Control their Learning Experience

 female studing education material that is part of the SIMmersion's knowledge Aquistion


Learners have the freedom to navigate through the training, focusing on areas of interest. Educational materials are available before, during, or after the role-play, allowing for a personalized learning experience.

Focused Content

Concise and targeted educational content facilitates accelerated learning without compromising depth or coverage.

Interactive Multimedia Format

Presenting material in various formats, including audio/video examples and graphics, enhances engagement and accommodates diverse learning styles.

2. Skill Acquisition

Authentic Conversations Provide Real-Life Experience without Real-Life Consequences

Learning by Doing

Role-playing with virtual characters enables learners to practice difficult conversations in a risk-free environment, explore alternatives and gain confidence. Learners can make mistakes without fear of judgment or failure, exploring alternatives as they progress towards mastery.


Videos are used to capture role-player responses and emulate real-life conversations, providing nuanced feedback on tone, expression, and nonverbal communication. These realistic practice conversations prepare learners for what they will face in real conversations.


The PeopleSim® technology ensures meaningful and comprehensive experiences, with adjustable levels of difficulty that encompass a variety of real experiences and help motivate practice. It makes practice until skills are built interesting, since no conversation ever plays the same way twice.

Expert Script

Role-play conversations mirror real-life scenarios, developed with input from expert panels, grounding training in practical experience. The panels support the script development from start to finish to ensure that scripts match up with real-life experiences.

Female practing job interview training to build skills

experts discussing scenario possiblies and script development

3. Feedback

Detailed Feedback from Multiple Channels Supports Increased Learning


coach providing non-verbal feedback

An on-screen coach offers non-verbal cues to support learners during practice. Her insights into every statement and character response supports learners with hints and suggestions for improvement.

Ongoing and After-Action Review

screen capture of feedback on user statement and virtual role-player response

The coach also provides color-coded feedback and granular after-action reviews with quantitative scoring and detailed qualitative feedback. Her feedback is directly connected to each system’s educational content, providing learners with a cohesive learning experience.


top part of transcript from virtual role-play  class=

Learners can review transcripts of their conversations, identifying teachable moments, and refine their approach for future interactions.