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Using Our Technology and Virtual Human Role-Players

SIMmersion’s training systems are an effective way to deliver high-quality training.

Our training system can be implemented in different ways, depending on the needs of the individual and organization.

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Independent Study

Independent Study allows for self-paced individual practice of the training system. Our training systems are designed to provide all the necessary elements for self-study such as: educational materials, a simulation interface how-to guide, comprehensive feedback, and after-action review. Learners can access any part of the training in their own time and have no limit to the number of simulated role-play conversations during their training term.

This method is helpful for learners in remote locations, different time zones, those seeking continuing education credits and organizations with limited access to instructors and facilitators.

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Limited Instructor Support

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With Limited Instructor Support, the instructor assumes the primary role of presenting the educational materials and demonstrating the simulated role-play conversation. By leading the initial conversation, the instructor can facilitate a thorough discussion about the training, gauging learners' ability to apply the educational materials effectively within the context of the conversation. Once learners have been introduced to the training, they can be assigned practice conversations individually to refine their skills. During these independent assignments, learners will be provided with the same comprehensive training elements they would receive during independent study.

This method is helpful for learners needing initial assistance in the training, and organizations with some instructor time available.

Full Instructor Support

With Full Instructor Support, the instructor takes the lead on presenting the educational materials, demonstrating the simulated role-play conversation, and monitoring the individual learners practice. By managing all of the different interactions, instructors can ensure learners have understood the training elements and provide any necessary supportive information. During individual practice, learners will be provided with the same training elements received during independent study.

This method is helpful for learners covering an extensive training topic, and organizations with full instructor access available.

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Other Uses

Outside of self-study and working with an instructor, the training can be applied to other areas such as sample case studies, supplementing field work, and more!

Case Study

Each of SIMmersion's scenarios are based on real situations and can be used as case studies and to facilitate follow-up discussions. Practice with the role-player provides experiences that bring the case study to life.

Field Work Practice

SIMmersion’s training systems are effective practice to prepare for field work. Our simulated role-play conversations provide a safe, controlled, and risk-free environment to practice and apply the skills and knowledge needed for real-world situations. Learners experience scenarios similar to those that they may encounter in the field, helping to build confidence and competency.

Annual Refresher Training

SIMmersion’s training systems can be used for required annual training. Since each practice session provides an unpredictable experience, the training remains engaging while refreshing skills.

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