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Virtual Human Role-Players for Suicide Prevention Training

Suicide Suite of products with a virtual human role-players

Suicide Prevention Training Suite »

Practice working with three role-player clients who have or are experiencing suicidal ideation.

Suite Includes:

Practice assessing risk with virtual human role-player Taye Banks

Assessing Risk »

Practice talking with role-player Taye to find out about her life, her suicide ideations, triggers, and protective factors to assess her risk of attempting suicide.

Practice motivation to treatment with a virtual human role-player Katrina

Motivating to Treatment »

Practice conversations with role-player Katrina about therapy options and help her gain an understanding of what her life would be like with and without treatment.

Practice Safety Planing wiht virtual human role-player Henry Douglas

Safety Planning »

Practice working with role-player Henry to create a safety plan that will work for him.