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Virtual Human Role-Players for Alcohol Use Disorder Management

teaching Brief motivational Intervention with a virtual human role-player Gabe

Brief Alcohol Intervention »

Practice a brief intervention with role-player Gabe to help build his own motivations to change his drinking habits.

teaching alcohol Screening and brief intervention with a virtual human role-player Christy

Screening and Brief Intervention »

Practice screening role-player Christy to identify her risk level and then take appropriate action.

CBT Suite of products with a virtual human role-players

CBT Training Suite for Alcohol Abuse »

Practice working with three role-player clients who are struggling to control their alcohol use.

Suite Includes:

Practice introduction with a virtual human role-player

Introducing CBT »

Practice introducing CBT to role-player Tanisha with the goal of helping her to cut back on her drinking and reduce her stress.

teaching CBT Functional analysis with a virtual human role-player Roger

Functional Analysis »

Practice examining a recent drinking episode with role-player Roger to show how thoughts, feelings, and events interact with each other during an episode.

teaching setting goals with a virtual human role-player

Creating a Change Plan »

Practice working with role-player Melody to create a plan to change her drinking behaviors.