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Develop Skills for Gender Affirmative Therapy

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Developed with Community-Based Support, Towson University, and NIH

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For Mental Health Providers

Used by Educational Institutions and for Individual Study

Understand the Unique Needs of Gender Diverse Individuals

You Will Learn:

  • How to work with gender diverse clients in a respectful and validating manner.
  • To understand, support, and respond to the unique needs of gender diverse clients.
  • About the social, legal, and medical elements of transitioning.
  • To understand the language and terminology to properly discuss gender identity.
  • About different types of microaggressions and methods to avoid them.

You Will Build Skills To:

  • Create Safe and Inclusive Therapeutic Environments for New Clients (Intake Session)
  • Navigate Discrimination and Social Support with Clients
  • Provide Transition Support for Clients
Talking with Virtual role-player James for training Gender Affirmative Therapy

Each training includes educational materials & the opportunity to practice as much as you want with each role-player. Comprehensive feedback will be provided throughout each practice.

Build Skills Needed to Create a Safe and Inclusive Environment During an Intake

This training will provide you with information for working with gender diverse clients in a respectful manner that positions them to achieve the best outcomes when starting therapy.

Meet Role-Player Jemma Walker

During the practice session, you will have the opportunity to work with Jemma Walker, a fictional client who is new to your practice. You are encouraged to practice talking with Jemma many times, as each time you speak with them, their relationship with their mother, needs in therapy, and gender identity will change, allowing you to gain experience talking to clients with different backgrounds and needs. Click here to learn more from Jemma.

Picture of role-player Jemma Walker

Build Skills Needed to Support Gender Diverse Clients in Discrimination and Social Supports

This training will provide you with information for working with gender diverse clients with different acceptance levels of the connection between their identity & systemic social pressures.

Meet Role-Player James Moore

During the practice session, you will have the opportunity to talk with James Moore, a fictional client you've been working with for 4 sessions. James uses they/them pronouns and began seeing you because they wanted help processing how the world understands their genderqueer identity. Speak with James to create a safe and affirming environment where James can explore the pressures they are feeling in relation to their social identities. Click here to learn more from James.

Picture of role-player James Moore

Build Skills Needed to Support Clients During Transitioning.

This training will help you learn about the support needs of a transgender client related to their transition.

Meet Role-Player Lucus Novak

During the session, you will have the opportunity to talk with Lucas Novak, a fictional client you met for the first time last week. During your first session, Lucas shared that he is a trans man who uses he/him pronouns and that he is hoping to get support in continuing his transition. Speak with Lucas to create a safe and affirming environment in which he can explore his goals and needs. Click here to learn more from Lucas.

Picture of role-player Lucus Novak

Testimonials From Research Participants Using the Intake Training

"It was easy to learn from. It was clear, concrete, and concise. Helpful lessons and an incredible opportunity to have a simulated intake."

"I liked the comments and feedback, particularly getting to see how Jemma might understand my choices."

"I really liked that it was a real person responding in the videos, and that they were expressive and showed non-verbals."

"I liked Jemma--they seemed relatively realistic, and I enjoyed the different versions of them."

"Applied, realistic, immersive scenario. High degree of customization in how I wanted to conduct the intake."

"I liked seeing Jemma's responses, facial expressions, and body language when reacting to me. I loved getting feedback in the moment and at times I felt I was able to turn things around and salvage the session."

We Also Offer Gender Affirmative Care for Critical Needs

Gain Experience With Multiple Crisis Situations Including Clients Who:

  • Just found out that they are HIV positive
  • May be experiencing interpersonal violence
  • Are having thoughts of suicide

Suicidal Role-player Gender Affirmative Therapy


This training was developed in collaboration with Towson University and with funding from The National Institutes of Health (Grant: #R44MD014112).