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Gender Affirmative Care for Critical Needs

Practice Identifying Needs and Individualizing Resources with a Virtual Role-Player in a Risk-Free Environment

An Annual License Is Only $65 for All Three Crisis Scenarios (group discounts available)

For Mental Health Providers

Used by Educational Institutions and for Individual Study

Support Gender Diverse Individuals With Critical Needs

Understand the Unique Needs of Gender Diverse Clients:

The needs of trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse individuals in a crisis situation are often different from the needs of cisgender individuals experiencing similar crises. Clinicians can provide better care to gender diverse clients when they understand these unique needs and know how to provide appropriate resources.

Gain Experience With Multiple Crisis Situations Including Clients Who:

  • Just found out that they are HIV positive
  • May be experiencing interpersonal violence
  • Are having thoughts of suicide

You Will Practice and Develop Skills to:

  • Create safe and inclusive environment for crisis response
  • Explore client needs
  • Understand impact gender identity has on needs
  • Provide individualized support
  • Affirm resiliency

Each training includes educational materials & the opportunity to practice as much as you want with each role-player. Comprehensive feedback will be provided throughout each practice.

Gender Affirmative Care for Clients with HIV

For this scenario, you work at a clinic that provides HIV testing and follow-up care. You are about to talk with Eden (she/her), a virtual role-player who was recently diagnosed with HIV and has come to your clinic to learn about her next steps in treatment.

For this practice your job will be to:

  • Explore her feelings
  • Explore her fears
  • Identify existing supports
Just found out she is HIV positive - Role-player Gender Affirmative Therapay

Gender Affirmative Care for Clients Experiencing Interpersonal Violence

For this scenario, you work at a clinic that provides medical care. You are about to talk with Eden, a virtual role-player who has just been treated for a wrist injury. The physician who treated her, referred Eden to you to learn more about how she hurt her arm.

For this practice your job will be to:

  • Explore how the injury occurred
  • Discuss interpersonal violence
  • Discuss available resources
  • Explore concerns and needs
Experienced Interpersonal Violence Role-player Gender Affirmative Therapy

Gender Affirmative Care for Clients Having Thoughts of Suicide

For this scenario, you work at a clinic that provides suicide and crisis care. You are about to talk with Eden, a virtual role-player who is walking into the clinic for support.

For this practice your job will be to:

  • Understand her situation and thoughts of suicide
  • Explore protective factors
  • Identify concerns and barriers to treatment
Suicidal Role-player Gender Affirmative Therapy

Training for Gender Affirmative Therapy

SIMmersion's gender affirmative therapy training systems

  • Creating a safe and inclusive environment during intake.
  • Supporting gender diverse clients in social situations.
  • Supporting clients during transition.

Suicidal Role-player Gender Affirmative Therapay

SIMmersion's PeopleSim® Technology

This series of training system was created using the PeopleSim® technology, a SIMmersion proprietary technology used for a variety of applications. For this practice system, each user statement typically has from 7 to 15 responses. To choose the response given by Eden, the PeopleSim technology calculates probabilities for each of the possible responses based on current conditions, and then uses the probabilities to select a response. The probability calculations are based on the scenario and one of her different randomly selected personalities and on the relationship the user has developed with him during the conversation.

Eden starts each session with a cautious frame of mind. Everything the user says is rated according to the impact it has on the relationship with him. Thus, as the conversation proceeds, the relationship will evolve. Click here to read more about SIMmersion’s PeopleSim Technology or watch the video.


This training was developed in collaboration with Towson University and with funding from The National Institutes of Health (Grant: #R44MD014112).
This training is part of the Gender Affirmative Care Training Suite.