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Talking to Patients about Health Risk Behaviors with Tony Frazier (for Nurses) image

Talking to Patients about Health Risk Behaviors with Tony Frazier (for Nurses)


48-year-old Tony Frazier is visiting his doctor’s office after experiencing chest pain after cocaine use. Tony has been a patient at the practice for about 3 years, but this is his first time speaking with a new provider and he may not be willing to share his experience. As Tony’s provider, listen to his concerns and use the spirit of Motivational Interviewing (MI) to encourage him to share more about his drug use.

Many patients struggle with confiding to their providers about their drug use. It is an emotional subject and many fear rejection or potential consequences after sharing their experiences. Knowing how to handle this conversation without judgement can be tough, but with training, providers can create an open and supportive environment to lead them on a path to positive change.


& Students


3 - 5

Average Time
per Session

15 - 30

Teaching Objectives:

  • Creating a Collaborative Relationship
  • Utilizing the Motivational Interviewing Process
  • Using Motivational Interviewing Tools Effectively

Included in Training:

  • A Training Guide with on using Motivational Interviewing (MI) with patients who report drug use.
  • A Simulated Conversation with a varied character to prepare learners to address patients with different willingness to change their drug use.
  • Comprehensive Feedback during and after each play to help guide skill development.
  • 1.5 Contact Hours from OnCourse Learning.