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Supportive Selling with Dan Williams


Dan Williams, a potential customer, oversees the employee training programs of a large chain of senior communities. Dan has a good understanding of his other training options and may not be willing to purchase right away. As a salesperson, discuss Dan’s needs and use the supportive selling sales techniques to secure a purchase from him.

Supportive Selling combines a clear structure for your sales calls and specific, easy-to-learn techniques that you can use moment-to-moment. The model takes existing sales theories one step deeper. No reinventing the wheel, just more tools to get you where you need to go.




4 - 6

Average Time
per Session

20 - 30

Teaching Objectives:

  • Understanding a Buyers Needs
  • Motivating Buyers to Purchase
  • Present Solutions with Maximum Impact
  • Converting Buyers into Champions for Next Sale

Included in Training:

  • A Training Guide with information on the supportive selling process.
  • A Simulated Conversation with a varied character to prepare learners for the different personalities encountered in real world clients.
  • Comprehensive Feedback during and after each play to help guide skill development.


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