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Intelligent Tutor: Target Bracketing image

Intelligent Tutor: Target Bracketing


The Intelligent Tutor for Target Bracketing was created as a proof-of-concept to demonstrate the PeopleSim® capabilities. Learners must estimate the range on a target by executing a simple target bracketing procedure.

The intelligent tutor is designed to support your learners as they train. Like a live instructor, our intelligent tutor has memory and understands logic, allowing the tutor to provide feedback on complex learner actions. During the training, the tutor provides guidance, answers questions, corrects mistakes, and can provide other relevant, in-depth instruction. Following the simulation, the tutor scores the learner and provides both quantitative and qualitative feedback, allowing learners to adjust their actions during the next practice session.

SIMmersion would like to thank the U.S. Army for granting permission to use the target bracketing video included in the program. The video was developed by David Anderson and the Training Brain Operations Center.

Use PeopleSim® to power your own intelligent tutor!