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Engaging a Child in Therapy

Practice Therapy with a Virtual Child

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Children are not always ready to participate in therapy. Now providers can practice this difficult conversation in a safe environment where any mistakes will be a learning opportunity and do no harm.

Unhappy in Therapy

Virtual role-player Sierra Ellis helps healthcare providers learn how to establish vital rapport with a child client.

Watch the video and learn about virtual role-player, Sierra and the experiences you will gain using this training.

About Sierra

She provides you with a variety of expereices. Sometimes she will be:

  • Anxious
  • Confident
  • Frustrated
  • Aloof
  • A people pleasurer

but she will never be the same twice.

Experiencing Therapy Sessions with Sierra

As you start your first session with Sierra, you will introduce yourself and practice

  • Setting expectations
  • Explaining Confidentiality
  • Getting to know Sierra
  • Transiting to the session

As you progress through the session, you will practice creating an empowering environment by:

  • Demonstrating respect
  • Using active listening
  • Encoring collaboration
  • And using appropriate language

In addition, you will also need to practice use therapeutic tools by:

  • Creating a conversational flow
  • Using a recovery-oriented language
  • And addressing challenges that are raised.

SIMmersion's PeopleSim® Technology

This training system was created using the PeopleSim® technology, a SIMmersion proprietary technology used for a variety of applications. For this practice system, each user statement typically has from 7 to 15 responses. To choose the response given by Sierra, the PeopleSim technology calculates probabilities for each of the possible responses based on current conditions, and then uses the probabilities to select a response. The probability calculations are based on one of her different randomly selected personalities and on the relationship the user has developed with him during the conversation.

Sierra starts each session with a cautious frame of mind. Everything the user says is rated according to the impact it has on the relationship with her. Thus as the conversation proceeds, the relationship will evolve. Click here to read more about SIMmersion’s PeopleSim Technology or watch the video.

Development Partners

This training system was developed by SIMmersion in collaboration with Professors Beth A. Sherman and Daicia R. Price, both at the University of Michigan School of Social Work.