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Frequently Asked Questions

We've assembled the most common inquiries about our products and technology and answered them for you.

General (The Simulation)

Am I talking to a live person in the simulation?

No, that's an actor, but we do aim for users to be so immersed in the simulated conversations that they feel they are talking to an actual person.

Do you use avatars in your simulations?

We use actual human actors to best capture the nuances of tone-of-voice and nonverbal body language that cannot be replicated by computer-generated avatars. We can use our conversation engine with avatars, however, if they best fit your training needs, for instance in an immersive 3-D environment.

How do you evaluate the user's tone of voice?

Although we recognize the need to practice the right way to say things, we currently cannot evaluate tone of voice. We do provide users with professional voice-over recordings of each of the things they can choose to say, so they can hear the proper tone of voice. Additionally, users making use of speech recognition are able to hear their own voice when they replay conversations. They can self-evaluate their tone of voice, or receive feedback from peers and instructors. SIMmersion is looking forward to being able to evaluate and to have characters react to tone of voice in the future.

What will happen if I state something not within the script?

If you state something close to what is in the script, the system's voice recognition will match up what you said to what is written. If you state something that is not at all in the script, the simulation character will either say that he or she does not understand you or ignore you. You will have another chance to say something to the character.

Why can't I say anything I want and talk to the simulated character free-form?

Having a rich script with lots of options actually adds to the training by allowing users to practice the best things to say, learn from mistakes, and try new conversation strategies. Although we believe in this method of training, we can build a system without prompts if that best fits your needs.

Can SIMmersion be used as part of a classroom presentation?

Absolutely. In fact most of our clients use them as stand-alone systems and as part of a blended solution. For example, they may project a simulation for the whole class to play, or they may show a replay of part of a conversation to illustrate a point. SIMmersion simulations have been used as required coursework for several organizations' internal training.

Do you have conversation simulations that feature more than one character?

Not currently, but we have the capability to have multiple characters on screen. SIMmersion will work to create a custom system to meet any training need.

Can I learn communication skills in another language?

Yes, SIMmersion has the capability to custom-design a training system in another language.


We would like to partner with your company on a grant. Who do we contact?

Please contact our business development team, and we will link you with one of our proposal writers. View our partners.

Where can I find your available career opportunities?

Contact us about possible career listings.

Can off-the-shelf systems be modified to fit customer needs?

Yes. Pricing and delivery time depend on the amount of customization.

What is the timeframe to develop a custom system?

Our training systems vary in size and consequently so does our development time. We have developed systems with short conversations in as little as three months. Our largest system, the Hands-on Interrogation & Interview Training System (HIITS) took over a year to finish. We have a proven record of delivering outstanding products on time, with a staff that is easy to work with. See what people say about us.

What are your current Government contract vehicles?

We have several avenues for government contracting, including adding to a partner contract or taking advantage of SIMmersion's work through the Small Business Innovative Research Grants, where a sole source justification is not required. Learn more about Contracting Vehicles.

What differentiates you from other competitors?

We provide the most realistic conversation simulations with the most lifelike characters. Our engaging training promotes hours of practice with a new experience each time the software is used. Learn more about The SIMmersion Difference.

Is your technology patented?

Yes, we have three U.S. patents and one international patent for our non-branching conversation technology, called PeopleSim™, and our proprietary software.

Technical Requirements

Can I use your program on a Mac?

Our training software is Windows-based, but can run on a Mac within a windows virtual environment (or in Windows proper in a dual boot situation). Please contact us if you are interested in us custom-building a Mac OS-based system for you.

How many computers can I install the program on?

We have several license options ranging from unlimited use to use on one computer. Learn more about purchasing and licensing or distribution.

What are your minimum system requirements? What version of Windows do I need?

To install and run our systems on DVD, you need Internet Explorer 6 (or later), Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (or later), Windows XP Service Pack 2 (or later), Windows Vista, or Windows 7. You will need 2 – 4 GB of space available on your hard drive. The install should take 10 – 20 minutes. To use our systems over the web, you need Flash Player 9 (or later) and Internet access. Online registration should take 5 minutes.

What resolution should I set my screen to?

Please set your resolution to 1024 x 768 or greater for our software to work.

How can I access your training programs online?

Right here at our Training Center. You can try some of our sample training systems for free without a login or registering, or you can register for access to more of our training systems.

How are your training programs delivered?

Our training systems are deliverable over the web (via self-hosting or SCORM) or on DVD. Custom systems are also deliverable on Android tablets and other mobile devices. We also give a training course for our Hands-on Interrogation & Interview Training System.

Will the size of the software slow my computer down a lot? How big is the program?

Actually, most computers handle our simulation software just fine. Our technology is meant to be played by anyone with a device satisfying our minimum system requirements, at any time. Significantly older video cards or slow internet connections (if playing over the web) may affect performance. Also, the initial software install may take 10 -20 minutes, but generally, our simulation training can be a seamless part of any work day.

Can other users collaborate or talk to each other through while playing simulations?

SIMmersion can track data or allow your organization to track your users' data, including scores for a high score board. We are able and willing to set up a chatting feature or other social media for your organization as part of a custom training system.

Does SIMersion work with Android and other devices?

Yes, At this time SIMmersion systems are compatible with Android phones and tablets, and we are working on compatibility for more devices.


How can I get a demo training system?

You can try one of our online training systems by entering our Training Center or you can contact us.

How do I arrange a brief for my company?

Simply contact us with your information.


How do I purchase one of your training systems?

You can see some of our off-the-shelf commercial products or visit our Training Center. Please contact us for more information.

I saw a training system that will fit my company's needs perfectly. Why can't I purchase it?

Many of our training systems have been built for private clients, and they have the rights to those systems. We can make another similar system to fit your specific training needs. Please contact us to see how we can benefit your organization.

Are your systems custom-designed or available off-the-shelf?

We do both. Most of our systems are custom-designed for clients, but we have several off-the-shelf systems in development or available for purchase.

Do we own the system once we purchase it?

Yes, if you contract us for a customized training system. Our contracting is flexible to fit your specific needs.

Do you have an annual license fee renewal schedule?

License renewals as well as charges are on a schedule best suited to your organization, ranging from monthly to two-year terms. Learn more about purchasing and licensing.

Technical Help

What should I do if I encounter a technical error?

Please contact our technical support and you will receive a prompt response.

My activation code does not work. What should I do?

Please check your Internet connection. Generally, you need an active Internet connection for your activation code to work. If you have a good Internet connection and the activation is not working, please contact us for assistance.