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Use SIMmersion's powerful conversation technology within your own applications

SIMmersion offers three different APIs to suit your needs.

SimData API

The SimData API allows your students to access SIMmersion training and your administrators to access SIMmersion data without needing to use the SIMmersion Training Center or Administration Center

  • SimData is a web-based API, making it suitable for integration with most applications.

Conversation API

The Conversation API allows for the integration of a SIMmersion conversation with your application.

  • This API is ideally suited for integrating a conversation into an existing simulation or 3D environment, such as a game engine.
  • The API serves the conversation logic only (it expects the developer to build a user-interface if necessary).
  • C++ (99/11) and C# .NET (frameworks 3/4) available.
  • Javascript version (for use with Node.JS) available.
  • Plug-in for Unity game engine (version 5) available.
  • Contains speech recognition capability (windows only).

Trainer API

The Trainer API allows you to implement custom Learning Management System (LMS) features and data collection for a simulation played via the Trainer.

  • You host a copy of our Trainer software within your organization.
  • The API allows you to collect the data sent from Trainer for use within your own systems.
  • This API is best suited for when the software needs to be hosted within a restricted environment with little or no internet access.