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Military Products

Our realistic conversations provide the same training experience to players anywhere in the world at any time in a platform-agnostic format.

Today's Military

Our military personnel and those who protect our country are frequently pushed to their limits. With asymmetrical warfare and changing international priorities, keeping our troops mission ready has never been a greater challenge.

Training exercises for these people include complex live, virtual and constructive simulations and often require role-plays. Finding effective training systems that can be implemented overseas as readily as they can stateside is a challenge.

Military Simulation Software

Communication is Key

Communicating effectively with superiors and subordinates, other branches, international allies, and local leaders in other countries is key to completing missions and keeping lives safe. The increased need to work with different cultures has placed interpersonal skills at a premium. Miscommunications and cultural misunderstandings can put people at risk, prolong armed conflict, and result in missed opportunities to gain allies or intelligence.

Our training systems activate and reinforce difficult interpersonal skills through engaging virtual role-plays with high replay value.

Other Applications

  • Resilience training
  • Joint operations with international allies
  • Job interview training
  • Leadership
  • Reconnection with a spouse or family
  • Talking with local leaders from other cultures
  • Cross-gender considerations