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Our unique training systems can help players in education and social services walk their way through important conversations in a risk-free virtual setting.

Today's Education & Social Services

Discernment, communication skills, and informational needs are common to educators, students, and professionals in social services alike. The challenges to give diverse and robust instruction to so many have never been as great.

Education Simulation Software

Unique Training for Important Conversations

Teachers must provide character education for their students and learn new classroom management techniques. Students face difficult social situations at younger and younger ages, and need help to respond to bullying and peer pressure. Social service providers must be ready to help any person who walks in their door, from displaced families to armed service veterans.

Our complete training systems provide professional development, new educational opportunities for all ages, and accessible skill-building opportunities for the disadvantaged and those who help them.

Other Applications

  • K-12 curricula and issues
  • Bullying awareness and prevention
  • Character education
  • Continuing education credit programs
  • Drug intervention programs
  • Distance learning
  • Extension of classroom learning
  • Language training and assessment
  • Parent-child discussions
  • Professional development
  • School safety issues
  • Social skills for students
  • University press supplemental material
  • Workplace behavior