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Sober, Safe & Satisfied Training System


You have struggled to overcome the biggest hurdle of your life: getting sober. Now that you are in recovery, you have concerns about beginning to date again.

Safe Relationship Choices for Recovering Addicts Training System

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Users of the Sober, Safe, and Satisfied training system are gay men with prior substance abuse issues. Through a simulated conversation with James, they can experience a first date without jeopardizing their recovery. While discussing a myriad of topics, from family background and social activities to sexual encounters and relationships, the user can practice real-world dating strategies and become comfortable discussing different topics with a potential partner. James is different in every conversation, varying in background, relationship goals, interests, and social life; the date is never repeated and remains interesting after numerous plays.

It is the user's job to engage James in appropriate dating conversation and to become confident discussing previous history and current goals for relationships. This training system teaches social skills and aids in increasing comfort levels with tough conversation topics. In addition to practicing authentic conversations, users receive real-time support and feedback from an on-screen coach and evaluate the date for ability to approach the hard-hitting topics. After playing this training system, users will be able to discuss difficult conversations with a potential partner.