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Military Recruiting Training System


It's up to you to convince the best and brightest to join up!

We have built two systems to train sales and recruiting for the U.S. Armed Services. John E. Little is a potential recruit for the Marines and Juan Gonzalez may be interested in joining the Navy. Both young men may be qualified to join. It's your job to assess whether they're fit to serve and, if so, to sell them on joining up.

Military Recruiting Training System

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Users of either Sales and Recruiting training system are recruiters or those training to be recruiters. They have a simulated conversation with John or Juan, where they will be able to get to know their potential enlistee. They can ask questions about family, background, interests, educational level, and relationships. They can also ask screening questions about health history, criminal background, and other factors that might disqualify someone. Users will be able to have the recruit take a placement test and discuss the results. They can use all the information John or Juan have provided to sell them on the benefits of being in the military.

John and Juan will vary in that they may be qualified to enlist, or they may be unqualified for one of several different reasons. Users must screen the recruit for eligibility and then sell him on joining. They can answer questions, address concerns, and solicit leads for more potential recruits.

This training system helps recruiters work with AchieveGlobal's Professional Selling Skills model. Sales requires a unique set of interpersonal skills, and practice with our software allows users to build these skills in a consequence-free setting. Users receive real-time support and feedback from an on-screen coach and a post-conversation assessment that scores whether the user accurately qualified the recruit, as well as how well the user sold his recruit on joining. After playing this training system, users will be able to confidently and competently talk to any potential recruit.