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Hands-on Interview & Interrogation Training System $199


Sensitive files have gone missing, it's your job to discover who took them...

  • Practice investigative interview skills on a simulated suspect named Jennifer Lerner™
  • Helpful for law enforcement, security, and intelligence community professionals

HIITS: Hands on Interview & Interrogation Training System

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Through the Hands-on Interview & Interrogation Training System (HIITS™), professionals and trainees from the law enforcement, security, and intelligence communities can learn, practice, and refine their interview and confession-solicitation skills and interrogation techniques by talking to Jennifer.

As each conversation progresses, users will witness verbal, nonverbal, and paralinguistic cues that will help support their decisions whether to question Jennifer further or allow her to leave.

Users will learn to build rapport with suspects, identify confession-solicitation themes, solicit an admissible confession, and use proper post-confession techniques.

Variances in Jennifer's motivation, personality, and veracity will provide the user with hours of training. HIITS™ can strengthen the preparation and techniques of all personnel, ranging from novices to experienced investigators.

After Training

At the end of their training, users will have mastered detecting deception, recognizing markers of truth, assessing veracity, and soliciting confessions.

Users can refer back to the e-learning materials to refresh their knowledge of interviewing techniques, behavioral indicators, and signs of deception.

On-screen assistance is also available through a help coach who provides real-time feedback. Through post-conversation assessments, users will be able to gauge their progress and identify areas for improvement. They can also try to beat the game by soliciting an admissable confession from each character-type.

The SIMmersion HIITs training program has been the piece I have been missing in my interview development. Though I was already trained in many of the principles in the training, I've never had a safe environment in which to practice them. Though I thought I understood these principles, the game exposed deficits in my interviewing technique. More importantly, it provided me with critical feedback on my mistakes so that I won't make them again in the future. Even after I complete the program, I intend to continue using the game as preparation and rehearsal before my important interviews. The game gives me the confidence to know when I am interviewing someone properly.

Greg Winchell
Special Investigations Unit, Pinnacol Assurance

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Jennifer Lerner™

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