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Drug Abuse Screening Training System


Phil Novak enters your office to discuss his alcohol abuse. His father died five years ago, and his mother is an alcoholic whom he has not contacted in the last three years.

He is a self-employed pipefitter with a successful business; however, within the last six months, his job has suffered and he admits that some problems at work are due to his alcohol abuse. His girlfriend insisted that he talk to a professional. As the conversation begins, you are about to conduct a drug screening interview to determine if Phil is using any substance besides alcohol.

Drug Abuse Screening

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Users of the Drug Abuse Screening training system are health practitioners or students who will likely encounter a similar scenario in the course of their careers. Through a simulated conversation with Phil, users can ask questions about his drug use in order to determine whether or not Phil is at risk for drug abuse or dependency. While discussing potential drug use, the users practice conversational strategies to become comfortable determining whether or not Phil abuses drugs. Phil is different in every conversation, varying in mood, risk level, and type of drugs used, keeping the interaction interesting after numerous plays.

It is the user's job to correctly identify whether Phil has never used, has had prior experimental use, current experimental use, is currently abusing, or is dependent on drugs, specifically methamphetamine. Users also discuss tough topics, such as his consequences of using drugs. This training system aids in increasing comfort levels with difficult conversation topics, especially health matters affected by drug abuse. Users receive real-time support and feedback from an on-screen coach and post-conversation feedback based on accuracy of diagnosis. After playing this training system, users will be able to approach these difficult topics with their patients, allowing them to bring this experience to the real world.