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Prosecutor & Defense Attorney - Courtroom Testimony Training System


You've done the work of proving a crime. Now it's time to take the witness stand to ensure justice is served.

Prosecutor & Defense Attorney - Courtroom Testimony Training System

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We have built several courtroom testimony systems for DEA agents and forensic evidence examiners. For each, users learn about their case, sometimes "participating" in the arrest and the interrogation of the criminal. Users take the stand and have a direct examination with the prosecutor, who will vary in how she helps you state your case. Users are then cross-examined by the defense attorney, who will take advantage of any of their mistakes while trying to discredit the user.

Users learn the best ways to present their case, how to deal with traps set by the defense attorney, and how to clarify information when they make mistakes. This training system allows professionals to learn, practice, and gain confidence in testimony, enabling them to perform under pressure in the courtroom. Users receive real-time support and feedback from an on-screen coach, and an assessment at the end of how well they presented their information. After playing this training system, users will be able to prepare and present information in a courtroom, work with a prosecuting attorney, and recognize and react to traps from a defense attorney.