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Chinese Culture & Counterintelligence Interview Training


As an agent in the government's counterintelligence division, it is your duty to protect American interests.

To this end, you are assigned with establishing sources within the Middletown Chinese community. Can you gain the trust of potential sources to keep your country safe?

Chinese Culture & Counterintelligence Interview Training

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Users of the Chinese Counter Intelligence Interview training system are government agents or those interested in cultural awareness training. Through a series of simulated conversations with Zhou Wen, users can ask questions about China's history and culture, his educational background, employment background, social life, family relations, and personal preferences regarding sports, entertainment, school, religion, philosophy, and food. While discussing Zhou Wen's experiences in the United States and China, users practice conversational strategies to become comfortable utilizing various interviewing methods and cultural points. Zhou Wen is different in every conversation, varying in mood, personal history, and regard for government agents, keeping the interaction between agent and potential source interesting after numerous plays.

It is the user's job to build rapport with Zhou Wen and determine whether he will agree to further contact with an American government agent. This training system aids in increasing skill levels with tough conversation topics, especially discussing culturally sensitive subjects. Users receive real-time support and feedback from an on-screen coach and post-conversation feedback based on building rapport, convincing Zhou Wen to schedule a second interview, identifying and discussing key cultural points, and asking follow-up questions. After playing this training system, users will be able to approach these difficult topics with potential sources.