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Anger Management Training System (Co-Worker & Customer Service)


What happens when we get angry? Where does anger appear in the human brain? And how does that affect everything else that happens in our bodies?

In conjunction with Dr. Martin Paulus from the University of California, San Diego, we attempted to shed some light on these questions through simulated conversations with two different people.

Anger Management Training System

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These conversations were originally developed for use by someone inside a functional MRI machine to determine which parts of the brain are stimulated by anger. The resulting research could help diagnosis and intervention in the mental health field.

In the first conversation, you must discuss an assignment with a coworker who is rude, abrasive, and insulting throughout the exchange. He makes assumptions about your skill set, gossips about others, and tries to push his work off onto you. You can choose to respond professionally or vent your frustration.

In the next conversation, you are attempting to return a pair of pants to a department store. The store clerk will use her phone, ignore your requests, and generally act incompetently. She may imply that you are too fat for the pants or say that you are an annoying customer. You can give her a piece of your mind or hold back your comments until your pants are successfully returned.